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ICT Design Studio is a multidisciplinary creative studio at the intersection of art, design, and technology.

Our goal is to deliver amazing experiences that make people talk, and build strategic value for brands, tech, entertainment, arts & culture.

We’re crafting emotional experiences aimed at improving results.

Our strong focus on producing high-quality & emotional brandings, digital products, and experiences became a signature.


Bringing Your Vision to Life

It takes good planning, skill, years of successful experience, and a lot of dedicated hard work to make a website irresistible to your customers. This is what our ICT Design Studio team offers to clients who are looking to stand out in current competitive online marketplace.




Adapt or Die

11.6 billion.

This is the number of mobile devices expected to be on planet earth by the year 2021. Humankind has long been outnumbered by mobile devices and that gap is only going to widen in the future — an interesting/exciting/moderately terrifying thought in and of itself.

Life doesn’t offer any guarantees, but the continuing exponential growth of portable internet-connected technology is certainly one of them.

When it comes to how mobile devices are impacting websites, ZD Net confirmed that at the end of 2016 mobile and tablet web usage had officially exceeded desktop for the first time in the internet’s history. And then there was “Mobilegeddon”. Back in 2015 Google announced that any site that was not built in a mobile-friendly manner by employing the approach of “responsive web design” would be penalized in mobile search results (and they’ve held true to that statement).

This ongoing evolution to how the internet is being experienced continues to confirm that the implications of mobile tech in the world of web design are numerous and at the forefront of the industry. All of this may seem daunting and feel like uncharted territory, but at its core, the challenge is nothing new. Design in all its forms has been – and always will be – centered on the goal of solving problems and making life better (not simply more beautiful).

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