Permanent Cosmetics

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Client :

Permanent Cosmetics, LLC.


Ormond Beach, Florida

The Solution

The project successfully transformed Permanent Cosmetics, Inc.'s brand, both online and offline, resulting in a cohesive and impactful identity that resonates with clients and positions the company as a trusted leader in the permanent makeup industry.

Brand Strategy / Visual Identity

We conducted a comprehensive brand analysis for Permanent Cosmetics, Inc., identifying its unique value proposition and target audience. Based on this, we developed a cohesive brand strategy to differentiate them in the competitive market of cosmetic services.


A refreshed visual identity that communicates professionalism, trustworthiness, and artistic flair.
Permanent Cosmetics' Brand Guidelines, created by ICT Design Studio

Logo Design / Art Direction

We created a modern and timeless logo that represents Permanent Cosmetics, Inc.’s commitment to beauty and precision. Our art direction focused on a harmonious blend of elegance and contemporary aesthetics.


A striking logo that resonates with the audience and sets the tone for the entire brand.

Web Design / Web Development

We revamped Permanent Cosmetics, Inc.’s website with a user-centric design, easy navigation, and engaging visuals. Our web development team ensured seamless functionality and mobile responsiveness.


A modern, user-friendly website that effectively showcases services, builds trust, and drives customer inquiries.
Permanent Cosmetics Branding and Web Design

UX/UI Design

We prioritized user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design to enhance the online journey for visitors. This included intuitive navigation, clear calls-to-action, and visually appealing layouts.


Improved user satisfaction, longer website visits, and increased conversion rates.
Permanent Cosmetics Branding and Web Design

Stationery Design / Appointment Cards / Documents

We designed branded stationery, appointment cards, and documents that maintain consistency with the new visual identity. This ensured a professional and memorable experience for clients both in-person and through correspondence.


High-quality stationery, professional documents and cards that reinforces brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression.

Social Media Covers / Ads

We created compelling social media covers and eye-catching advertisements to increase brand visibility and attract potential clients on various platforms.


Increased social media engagement, expanded reach, and a stronger online presence.
Ad Design, Social Media Marketing, Instagram
Ad Design, Social Media Marketing, Instagram
Ad Design, Social Media Marketing, Instagram - Permanent Cosmetics - Ormond Beach, FL

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